The Last Twit/Tweet/Whatever

Tweeting really kick-started my project. Thanks Catherine for the advice on the video software! I gave up on the suggested program and headed for the Macs at the library to edit video on Final Cut Express (easy program for beginners). Tweeting would’ve come in handy a lot more if we were all logged on during the creation of our posts/videos. I had a question pertaining to the length of the video and didn’t really get a response in time before I finished. All in all, twittering let me know you guys were still alive out there. Would’ve been cooler if we were all live while working.

Here’s my 10 tweets:

just finished my video. first time ever making a video. I need a mac of my own some day. #wftw
30 minutes ago from web

@Clfisher1488 thanks! I’m using Final Cut Express on a library Mac. Easy stuff to teach oneself!
about 2 hours ago from web in reply to Clfisher1488

@bradevx I’m teaching myself FinalCut Express and this is EASY! I love it. Wish I had a Mac though.
about 2 hours ago from web in reply to bradevx

anyone know if our video has to be exactly 1 minute or can it go over a little? #wftw
about 2 hours ago from web

there’s a …plan b?!?! #wftw
about 2 hours ago from web
Final Cut is the program #wftw
8:58 PM Dec 6th from web

I need to put my voice over a video. This my goal. Macs in the library will be my laboratory. moo hahahahah #wftw
8:57 PM Dec 6th from web

For Catherine: ABC40 did a piece on the 5:30 news tonight about websites like this #wftw
5:43 PM Dec 3rd from web

VideoSpin isn’t free I don’t think. The trial version doesn’t let you do too much. Any other suggestions for a good video editor? #wftw
12:50 AM Dec 3rd from web

does anyone know any FREE and EASY video editing software for Windows? I just wanna add text and maybe layer audio track over video #wftw
1:08 AM Dec 1st from web

college rules? always lock the door when you think you’re about to break a rule #wftw
1:07 AM Dec 1st from web

I think the other Lee was looking for the wtf hash tag #wftw
1:05 AM Dec 1st from web

I took a few videos there actually, just didn’t gather any interviews. #wftw
5:10 PM Nov 29th from web

I was going to write about my friend’s band that played last night in E. Longmeadow, but decided to have some beers there instead. #wftw
5:07 PM Nov 29th from web


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