MassLive Commmenters

I had an someone comment with an opposing opinion on my MassLive post about anti-piracy. It was my first encounter of the sort. I was quite humbled, being called a “two-time loser” and even more so enjoyed seeing my commenter follow-up on his own comment before I could even get a shot in at him. The story took a little while to write and I tried to be very, very concise given the nature of the story. I feel like I handled the whole thing well. No webmaster had to delete anything. No one was sued 🙂

Unfortunately, a commenter on something I posted tonight about the Stone Temple Pilots was not so concise in his criticism. We’re STUDENTS! On the other hand though, is the real deal and this is what happens. This comment actually took quite a stab at me and I did feel sour. I will admit that I did not take so much time writing this post and was really trying to get something up before the end of the night. Serves me right? Maybe. It’s a student blog and part of me finds the comment a little harsh. Come on!


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One response to “MassLive Commmenters

  1. Janice Churchill

    Hey Lee! Good job dealing with the lame-o commenter on masslive. I myself cannot believe how people feel so compelled to hurl insults or share uncivilized disagreement. I wish more people could keep, or find, their composure.
    If only we could all follow the old adage that goes something like “turn down the douche-baggery and turn up the open mindedness.”
    That one is a personal favorite of mine.

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