In an effort to remain active on this blog, because it has been hard lately, I will kick this thing back into gear by posting some old Facebook notes. In the past couple of years, I posted quite a few notes. Free form writing opinion pieces, top 10 lists, relfection pieces.

This first piece is simply called “Cities” written in August 2008:

Cities came with the Industrial Revolution when workers at all the new factories wanted to live closer to their jobs. A bunch of years later, many American cities no longer play host to any manufacturing at all, and now our cities are inhabited by disgusting, greasy homeless dudes. Our cities are dying out, fast. Forbes magazine placed Springfield on the list of the top 10 fastest dying cities in the nation. At the same time, there is also speculation that the suburb is dying out or atleast slowing its expansion; people are starting to move closer to their jobs in or around cities or public transit because the commute is becoming too expensive.

So what is going on here? Cities are dying? Suburbs are dying? Should we just start all over and live in log cabins? Let’s sell America to Canada. Maybe a three-way trade with Alaska and Hawaii going to England for a couple of minor league prospects…


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