Our group tweet-‘n-click was not my first time following election night with other people. I watched the past few presidential elections on television with friends, chips and crass jokes about CNN’s graphics. However, this was the first time I followed an election with people online. NJ.com and MassLive.com are laid out the same (is NJ.com also run by Advance.net?) and feature, for the most part, softer news than a big guy like the Washington Post. Just softer stories for quieter places. The stories were not as grand in tone and generally told the news pretty briefly. The comments were the real story for the most part (see MassLive’s story breaking the Springfield race results… some good zingers there by STCCguy).

The stories from the Post and NJ.com had more national relevance because of the whole thing with Obama backing whoever he backed. I seriously do not remember. I only looked at those three sites a few times throughout our tweetsesh. I found myself sitting back and just waiting for you guys to post things while I flipped between CNN and Fox News. By the way, #wtf is a pretty popular hash tag.

My reaction to twitter? Very slow. Overcrowded? Reminds me of way back when, signing on to AOL after school on a dial-up connection and getting a busy signal. I also wish that hash tag posts had a longer shelf life for future referencing.


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  1. lyndseyloo

    haha i love your reference to the whole aol dial-up

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