Class Assignment


The three posts from share some similarities but for the most part are pretty different from each other. The main similarity is in the format of the three: Headline, big main picture, and smaller pictures in the body of the story. All but the twitter story use multiple images in the body of the post to keep the story moving. The only story with just a main picture is the twitter story.

The twitter story contrasts most from the other two. It is very short, concise, to the point, kind of like a news brief. This story also takes less time to set itself up and instead goes right into the facts. I see this post as more of a traditional blog news post, reposting another source’s story in a new voice.

The balloon boy story is more of an exclusive piece for who wrote it and all of the new information revealed on a story that is already known. This long piece is more along the lines of a traditional story, with its length including video.

Each story is a different kind of reporting but all three ended on sort of a zingy note. This style of writing may present as more of an informal news source.


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  1. ScottB

    The zingy end note: I like it!

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