Proud Self-Promotion

sitting with some guitars in the basement

sitting with some guitars in the basement

This bout of self-promotion is not shameless because I like what I do in my spare time. I want to finally share my music on my blog. I wish I had posted links to my songs last semester but for some reason I’ve always smuggly swept my musical hobby under the rug from people.

In middle school and high school I first started on guitar and sang, writing songs for several bands- mostly loud, obnoxious trios. We would destroy cassette tapes on my 4-track recorder every few months and post demos online. After falling in love with the likes of The Replacements & Paul Westerberg, Jesse Malin and Bruce Springsteen early on in high school, I bought an acoustic guitar just to see what the polar opposite of loud could sound like coming from my self-taught hands. Almost all of the songs posted here were multi-tracks recorded alone, never used with any band, occasionally performed at open mics and park benches. Some tracks were from old bands of mine and I also posted some unfinished demos from current projects with friends. You’re bound to find a few different styles in the songs, so let the obvious comparisons commence…



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2 responses to “Proud Self-Promotion

  1. Nice stuff.

    My favorites are “My Place in the Sun,” “Love Rock Magnet Tape” and “Turnpikes Away.”

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Lee Taylor

    Thanks for listening! I’m glad you didn’t tell me you liked my cover songs the best… that would’ve been insulting.

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