A New Rivalry

“Dear Students,

Both the fall semester and the Major League Baseball (MLB) season are in full swing. This weekend, the Boston Red Sox will be playing the New York Yankees. We encourage you to enjoy the games. Whether your team wins or loses, act responsibly and respectfully toward each other.”

This is a section of the blast e-mail we all got as students. Shouldn’t they send out the same warning when the Sox play the Rays? In 2009, the New York/Boston rivalry is a mere shell of what it used to be since the division is far out of reach and out of mind.


Lester’s X-ray came back negative with a bruised quadriceps after getting hit by liner by Melky Cabrera early in the game. His health in the post season is more important than the win of the Yankees series by far.


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One response to “A New Rivalry

  1. hgalvsmetamedia

    i agree…although we get this email seemingly every fall semester, i also found it odd we were emailed for a non-playoff series. your point that the rivalry has cooled is spot on, and i think they’re more concerned about tensions between ny and MA students than anything, but i don’t think those concerns are of particular relevance in this series…Email me again in 3 weeks, UMass.

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