Five Story Ideas

My beat for will be local music. Here are five ideas. Feel free to comment and help me refine my thoughts.

1. “On The Street” interviews with outdoor performers outside of dorms.

2. UMass band/orchestra interviews. Talk to new members or freshman for their perspective/background.

3. Amherst area coffee shop music. Talk to open mic performers or club managers.

4. Campus open mics. In Central I think there is one. There are usually random open mics and battle of the bands throughout the year.

5. D.I.Y: basement/VFW hall shows in the area. Talk to local bands/campus bands

6. (for extra good measure) Preview/review area shows/events in Amherst/Northampton.



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5 responses to “Five Story Ideas

  1. are you into video at all? perhaps videos of the “on the street” musicians would add a lot to your idea. also, a lot of students have music blogs and although this is a bit out of the box, it might be interesting to have a “music blog of the week” or something which creates some publicity for the site and also gives listeners some new stuff to listen to.

  2. braddurkin

    Sweet story Ideas… I think you are going to tear this one apart, its a good subject for you because you care about the topic. OORAH.

  3. This may sound silly to some people but I think you should try to do a story on bucket man Bennie. You may know of him already. He’s the guy who wears a variety of shiny capes and sings to his own bucket beats all over town. Normally you will find him downtown outside of the bars on weekends but students actually pay him a lot of money to come and entertain at their parties. Last I heard, people gave him $100 bucks for an hour of singing. May sound crazy to some but he really takes his music seriously and he gives a lot of his cash away to homeless shelters. I had a nice long chat with him one evening last spring. My boyfriend gave him $20 and he invited us over for jambalaya. We never ended up going but It lead me to do a bit of research on the bucket man. A local news station did a long segment on Bennie a few years ago. It can be found on youtube.Pretty entertaining stuff.

  4. Hi Lee … this is a great start.

    Some other quick thoughts:

    * Photos – Galleries always do well on the site.

    * What I’m listening to now – Possibly a weekly post on what your listening to and why … new stuff, newly discovered stuff, whatever. For some artists you could reach out to them and post a sound sample.

    * Last idea about covering what’s local, not only in Amherst & Northampton but on area college campuses, would be great.

    * Linking out and working with other college music bloggers across the country.

  5. Sounds great, Lee. I’m looking forward to working closely with you. Keep the ideas coming!


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