The Summation

Old habits have come heavily into play in my behavior in this class. I am internet friendly. I social network, e-mail, web surf, but I have never subjected myself member to any forums or comment based websites. I have certain friends who appear to be either more internet savvy than me or maybe just more involved. Every day it seems they tell me about a leaked scene from a movie coming out next year or how funny the parodied photo of Celebrity X is, when I haven’t even seen the original photo yet.

As a journalism major and 21st century student, I am always in front of a computer and online. Also during this semester, I took another journalism class that had us fervently digesting political headlines for several current events quizzes. I found myself completely sick of the news and daily news sites in general at a point in the semester. Still, I had to scour the internet for things to write about for this blog.

At times, it has been a task trying to find things to write about. I may have been giving it too much thought until I started ripping funny links from Facebook statuses. Some people search for humor and entertainment online- not me. I feel like I am still holding back from embracing the electronic age and it is tearing me apart in my devotion to studying journalism. I have definitely held on to a good deal of cynicism during the semester. It’s been a roadblock keeping me from updating my blog on a regular basis. It’s not that I consciously ignore my blog, I just fell into a pattern in which I let post-worthy topics come to me while highly censoring what I considered things able to be written about.

I feel like I have had very minimal success in giving and receiving feedback. I did not feel like an active member of the comment community, but more like an outsider casting a half-hearted opinion. My commenter’s voice reflects my real voice in that I have strong opinions, but I do not necessarily go to great lengths to sound convincing. The same goes in class. I have strong opinions, but find it hard to speak up on them. Therefore, I may not type a lot, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have an opinion on something.

I may or may not continue commenting after class ends. There are two sides to the issue. One the one hand, I am a little burned out from sitting in front of a computer all semester long. This was my first semester as a declared journalism major. Interning at the Valley Advocate has also shown me a fair share of downtime in front of a computer screen. On the other hand, I am now much more aware of the comment culture. I will start noticing dialogue on more websites and may throw a comment in as I please. My increased awareness of the comment culture and to the connectedness available is the greatest thing I have taken from the class.

A big part of feeling comfortable in the comment culture has to do with one’s acceptance of technology and its effect on culture and society. I am torn between a love for the simple things like hanging out outside, and a desire to write and be heard. I’m an old-schoolio in the biggest sense of the fake word. As a writer, I much more enjoy verbal, in person feedback to my writing than an online comment, masked behind some factor of anonymity, but I may have to turn with the tide if I want to swim with the current world of online journalism.


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