Project 3B: A Belated Summation

For the third project, I picked something out of an Iraqi’s blog that I am following for another class. Although the news piece it’s about is a little dated, the general questions I wanted to pose are still very timely. I used the shoe throwing incident as a conversation starter to pick at people’s opinions of foreign dissent and misbehavior. For the first few days it seems, I did not get any comments. I placed a link on my Facebook status a few times over a day and still nothing. I realized that most of my classmates aren’t my Facebook friends so that was pretty much a useless marketing scheme.

Brad Durkin, you got the party started on my post. I saw Brad’s project 3 link posted on his Facebook status and commented on his. After he so graciously returned the favor, I got a few more comments totaling five to date. I think maybe because Brad is the Iraq Authority in class, people were excited to comment after him.

There are certainly some games to be played in order to get comments by a deadline. A few days before the due date, I went down one by one and commented on almost every blogger’s project 3 post in class. This may have spawned the responses, or maybe it really was the star power of Brad. Out of all of the class projects in which feedback may come off as a little forced, this one seemed to be the easiest to get involved in. I feel like my classmates were able to pick and choose what to reply to making for a pretty natural, flowing conversation of comments. Although other bloggers obtained a ton more comments with comment chains actually taking on a conversation, I still feel successful with my humble five comments.


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