I Still Hate Twitter

Twitter is a love-hate thing. It’s like the Stones vs. Beatles thing too; you’re either a true fan of one or the other. Facebook or Twitter? I followed all of these people for a work and to tell you the truth, I interacted very minimally. I tried to comment but really did not have much to say. It is hard to follow these total strangers and know exactly what they are talking about most of the time. It is even harder to engage myself in conversation (or twitversation or whatever the hell the stupid Web 100.0 version of the English word is) with an assigned person and topic. Well, maybe that’s what journalism is anyway. Maybe I am the fool? Gah!

Jay Rosen’s twitter was actually quite cool. He threw some news in there about the face of journalism and Obamanation. Okay, I actually learned some news first hand from a twitter. I still don’t consider it a news source, but more like an abridged review of the news. Rosen and others use twitter to jot down ideas like a virtual, and very public notepad. That is kind of cool. What’s not cool is the witty revelations and one-way conversations a la Jeff Jarvis asking if anyone else is stuck on the train in D.C. If you’re gonna be that inclusive in your updates, don’t waste my time. If you’re seriously that addicted to your electronic device that you need to update your daily little nonsenses, then I can understand that you are doomed… attached to the ether waves in a lonely, cluttered tech zoo, and I wish you luck when electricity is no more.

Scott- no disrespect to your admiration for Twitter, but I made a conscious choice to be pretty conservative in my internet use -both social networking and for fun- and find it very frustrating to fully engage myself in the projects that require a certain involvement.


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