Goodnight Globe

The Daily Collegian reported on the New York Times’ ultimatum of defeat to the Boston Globe today. No matter what your field of occupation may be, veteran or attempting, it’s a trying time for everyone.

An anonymous editor for the Globe lamented on the fear of having an expertise in such a broad and rapidly evolving field:

“I tried for a long time to find another job that would allow me to still consider myself a ‘journalist,’ but the industry as a whole is in such terrible shape right now,” the editor said after spending two decades in journalism.

In Ralph Whitehead’s Media Criticism class today, we discussed alternative business models that could save the newspapers. One idea we discussed was an idea by journalist Dean Baker involving a tax-credit system in which “every citizen would be allowed [to make] a $100 donation to any creative outlet,” before receiving a free read of a newspaper. Do any ideas for a new business model hold credence or is this downward spiral a one-way trip?


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