Calling All DJs…Please Hold.

I was in the car today with the radio on. I flipped to the few presets with decent reception up here in Amherst and got hooked to a conversation hosted by Cantara. He’s a DJ at 100.9 FM WRNX in Amherst. He had a sports guy sitting in talking baseball predictions. They were talking a lot about the Yankees and the mixed bag of high hopes and pessimistic predilections between the guys in the booth. So when I got back to my room, I flipped on the clock radio, in all of it’s mono glory, and looked up the station number online.

I have never called in to a station before just to talk. I have called many, many times for contests. Just the last week, I called Bax and O’Brien on Rock 102 to win tickets for something during their rock lyric quiz. The lyrics were to Springsteen’s “Hungry Heart,” but supposedly everyone in the world knows the words to that one: busy signal.

I was a little nervous with WRNX so I prepared my thoughts in my head, although this helpful site suggested not to. I was planning on talking about the wasteful spending on the new Yankee Stadium, since I drove by it and saw it first hand a few weeks ago. I was going to give the typical “New York Bankees” rant on how money well spent doesn’t equal wins. The phone rang for a while. I did not get through. No producer briefing. My assumption is because they weren’t specifically asking for callers, they did not pick up at that moment.

For the sake of this assignment, which I am upset I have no prevailing stories, I will tell you about the last time I was actually on the air. I think I’ll save the story for tonight’s class.


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