Jeff Tweedy in Northampton

Jeff Tweedy’s solo acoustic performance at the Calvin Theater was such a memorable experience for me. The whole day was a different kind of experience than past shows I have seen from the neo-folkstar. I decided to park next to the Calvin for my lunch break that afternoon and just as I get out of my car, sizing up the massive tour bus alongside my little Toyota, Mr. Tweedy came walking right in my direction. I doubletaked, almost mistaking the ragged singer for a street performer.

On a side note, my twitter update of this run-in was pretty funny. I received a direct message from a certain music aficionado/professor and upon reply, I knew it wouldn’t go direct. It’s still so hard to send direct twits via text. Ah, to be learned tomorrow.

I was truly embedded in this story assignment for the Daily Collegian. I bought a ticket as a fan before it sold out then offered my writing and photo expertise for a review. My first lengthy newspaper editorial since high school, I once again felt the rush of seeing my story in print. I took an unusually slow pace around the dining commons to see my peers reading the paper. The online version is what I woke up reading less than 24 hours after submitting the piece. It was a blast to write background from memory. Give it a read and a comment.


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