Magnet’s Sophmore Slump List

Magnet Magazine online, over a year ago, posted an interesting piece on what they call four of the “unfortunate examples of the dreaded second-album syndrome,” a cliche term used to undermine the creativity of great bands expected to fail after jumping to the major labels. I only noticed the December 2007 date after reading, but most of these albums are no younger than fifteen years old anyway, so lets disregard timeliness. I decided it fair game to target the unfair cruelty dealt to two great sophmore releases by The Clash and Weezer (but really, The Clash).

“Give ‘Em Enough Rope” has been teetering in and out on my list of favorite Clash albums for several years. It’s an important link between their raunchy self-titled debut and “London Calling”. I hope to get a reply. Magnet seems pretty big, but there are only a handful of comments at most on their articles. If you like any of the albums they listed, leave a comment on the article disputing your pick.

Suggested listen: “Tommy Gun” from  “Give ‘Em Enough Rope” LP, 1978:


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