It takes a lot of restrain not  to name every post …”a-go-go”. So, Comment A-Go-Go has beefed up its nuclear program to unleash this weeks COMMENT KAZEE!! I have noticed something weird on some stories. A few random stories, mostly in the Arts section of the New York Times do not allow for comments. Is the fluff piece not entitled to comment bandwidth? I commented on several stories from and which reads me as a politically savvy musician. Well, I’m not that savvy because most of my comments do not generate much response at all. Overall, I feel like comment responses are usually generated from know-it-alls and hot heads, especially in the political area. The music reviews tend to generate a diverse crowd, usually more unfactual derogatory rhetoric… I mean smartass kids. When push comes to shove and I’m looking for that desperation response, I will go on youtube and I will say “this band sucks,” but mostly to the pimply kids I went to high school with who sold a ticket to their show to the one hot girl in town. Yea, virtual spitemode gets the best of us all.


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One response to “Comment-Kazee!

  1. You say: “Comment responses are usually generated from know-it-alls and hot heads.” You think those comments that draw other comments for the most part are either from the condescending or the inflammatory?

    Interesting point of view. Let’s talk about that more in class this week.

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