Journalists and The Public: Chapters 1,2

Chapter one was a an overview of the history of public journalism. Old bourgeois civilizations were recognized as the first people to hold a public sphere type of dialogue. German philosopher Habermas wished to deveolpe a critique of the early wise-thinkers of the bourgeois society to,

“show both (1) its internal relations and the factors that led to its transformation and partial degeneration and (2) the element of truth and emanicpatory potential that is contained despite its ideological misrepresentation and contradictions” (Wahl-Jorgensen, 12).

I agree with a lot of the early debate calling the public sphere an idealization because citizens only gained the entitlement under narrow conditions. Political outreach through the press is also an old idea that has always separated the readers from the press. One thing that stood out to me in chapter two was the forged partisan press during the American revolution. Who knew that our country was built upon partisan press? You win, Bush. Fox News is totally American.


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