Changing of the Guard in Studio 6A

Conan O’Brien signed off from Late Night this past Friday after 16 years broadcasting from New York’s television mecca in Rockefeller Center. The off beat humor was his charm but many are speculating that O’Brien will have to tone it down for the earlier time slot when he takes over The Tonight Show on June 1st. Conan will be passing the Late Night torch to actor and comedian Jimmy Fallon. I feel like there are better candidates to replace Conan than Jimmy Fallon. Sure, Conan’s first few years at Late Night were rough but this is a different situation. Fallon is going into the talk show industry with an already established fame while Conan was just a writer getting his feet wet in a trial by fire on television. I went to to check out some of Jimmy Fallon’s webisodes for a little taste of what’s to come. I found many of the comments to be against Fallon’s humor and his taking over Late Night. Here’s just one of the many webisodes with comments included. It seems to me like a bunch of relentless kids, but I won’t disagree with them. Seriously, Fallon is just a big Adam Sandler fanboy. I was proven correct when Fallon recently appeared as a guest on Late Night (see: Late Night Ep. 2718).


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