Letter To The Editor #1

I have never written to an editor before in the typical Letters to the Editor fashion, so I felt I had to choose a fair target to pick apart for my first time. That said, I chose to bash the editor who gives sex advice for the Hartford Advocate. I was also not the first person to write about this guy to the editor (see: Hartford Advocate: News – Letters to the Editor). The Hartford Advocate is a pretty easy target, it’s an alternative press with a less-than-orthodox pick list of stories each week and brash young crew of writers. Dan Savage, Advocate writer and sexual adviser to the masses really dishes out his two-cents in his section (see: Hartford Advocate: Leisure – Savage Love: 2/11/09), especially to straight people who he seemingly hates dealing with. Having only e-mailed the editor tonight, there’s not yet any response but here’s my e-mail.

I am not looking for the advice of Dan Savage for two reasons: I am not in need of sexual advice and if I were I wouldn’t ask this guy. I’ve read through several responses that Dan has given and I am surprised to find an editor for the Advocate with an actual prejudice air, in his case, against people with relatively conversative problems or toward heterosexuals in general. He gives alternative press a new meaning, alternative to respect and decency.

– Lee

I think these advice/ask sections deserve a revamped structure for the online era. Why not open up each individual question & answer to public comments? An open dialogue may be better for everyone in that type of editorial.



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4 responses to “Letter To The Editor #1

  1. candace

    Do you think its an editorial decision to keep comments closed on advice columns or it arises from the columnist pressuring the publication to keep them in a position of “expert” to their readership?

  2. jtous

    After reading your blog it made me want to see what all the “hype” was about and you were right. He is extremely rude and for no particular reason might I add. For one I doubt he really is an “expert” because he wasn’t saying much of anything besides blatantly being offensive to the readers. I feel like when it comes to topics and questions in depth like that then maybe it should be left in the hands of the experts rather then some Joe Shmoe who lives down the street from me.

  3. To Candace, I feel like the “ask” columns exclude an open discussion solely out of tradition to the format. If there were an open discussion, I feel that it would just turn into a free-for-all conversation. Maybe you’re right on the maintenance of status. Imagine how pissed off Abby Landers would be if people played devil’s advocate to her advice every day. She probably would’ve quit her job or had a heart attack long ago.

  4. Lee: Good letter. One minor point: Dan Savage is syndicated. His column runs in 70 different newspapers across the country. It will be interesting to see if the Hartford Advocate runs your letter, even though Savage is not one of its own staff writers.

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