Alternative Country Goes to Conan

One of my favorite active bands is Wilco. Raucous and gentle, unpredictable yet loveable, Jeff Tweedy and company are a rare dying breed of iconoclastic rock in a most undecadent era of safe music. I usually lurk around the band’s official fan forum, Via Chicago Forums, with an occasional post. I recently started a thread requesting a video of Jeff Tweedy’s pre-Wilco band Uncle Tupelo performing on Late Night with Conan O’Brien in 1994. The band was a staple in the alternative country movement of the early 1990s and the performance for Conan was an infamous appearance around the time of the band’s premature break up. My simple video request spawned a two page reminiscence of the band and the internal conflict between the band’s two singers Jay Farrar and Jeff Tweedy over song choice for the TV appearance. I was surprised by the interest in the thread, so I provoked a little more conversation by proposing that, “Jeff’s songs always stood out on the Tupelo records”. It was a smart and polite provocation I made, so respondents followed suit with their polite two-cents on Uncle Tupelo, Farrar and Tweedy.

The post can be seen here.

Uncle Tupelo’s 1994 performance of “The Long Cut” on Conan O’Brien can be seen here:

Uncle Tupelo – The Long Cut



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3 responses to “Alternative Country Goes to Conan

  1. Tweedy and Stirrat with long hair. Great stuff!

    Uncle Tupelo is one of my favorite bands of all time. And Anodyne is probably my favorite release of theirs. (The Long Cut is off of that disc.)

    Do I get bonus points for having seen Uncle Tupelo live at a small club in Hoboken, NJ, back in the day?

  2. I love all that alt-country stuff, or whatever you want to call it. Cowpunk is a funny term. Was this show at Maxwell’s?

  3. Scott, you’ll find this pretty cool:

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