Photo by New York Times

Photo by New York Times

Sunday night was the Grammy Awards. The annual event has really become hybrid with other award ceremonies, tying together fashion and star power care of Samuel L. Jackson. I miss the days with the lack of luxury; the illustrious pre-show galas, the e-forum hype parade. I miss the excitement of wondering if Simon & Garfunkel will reunite once again onstage (which they did) or if Susan Lucci will finally win (which she did..wait, huh?). All of these fond memories I am recalling from last night’s pre-dawn YouTube session.

Now, I do enjoy gettin’ the Led out from time to time, but Robert Plant & Alison Krauss taking home album of the year feels like an homage to the old timer. Their “Raising Sand” album was a collection of soft blues/rock songs without a standout track. If the recording industry executives with voting power entered a college campus within the past year, they would’ve found an overall interest if not respect at the very least for Radiohead’s “In Rainbows”. The unconventional, brittle rock songs are truely like no other album on the big time market right now. On the other hand, Green Day, a band who’ve spawned dozens of imitators and is releasing the follow up album to “American Idiot” this May (see: Green Day’s New Album “21st Century Breakdown” Due in May), won a Grammy for their “American Idiot” album a few years back, but a band whose iconoclastic, yet memorable rock songs with a diehard fanbase can not garner enough respect for the trophy. I guess the Grammy’s like to play it safe by voting for the old horse instead of the ‘Lil buc.


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